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The Prerequisites To Cowgirl Fashion

It depends on the girl, really.

First and foremost feminine clothing is a prerequisite, but on a binary scale rather than a continuum.

A woman wearing something that is distinctly femininely cut will be more attractive, than one wearing something that is neutral or distinctly unfeminine and cut for a man e.g. baggy clothing or distinctly men’s clothes.

Though a little clarification is called for her. If two women are wearing feminine clothes the more feminine looking one isn’t necessarily going to look better.

It is important to understand when it comes to particular attractive outfits, I think the female version of the man in a suit is the woman in the black dress with nice heels or boots, with a minor emphasis on accessories and makeup to high light it.

I’m also quite partial to opaque or interestingly patterned leggings, but that’s getting more specific to your own tastes.

For more casual wear in the summer a nice sundress is hard to beat.

But when the weather gets cooler tight low cut jeans tucked into stylish boots tends to look best. You can really combine this with any feminine top. But for the best effects the top should highlight your assets like your waist, hips, bust, or neck.

When I Read I Do It For The Laughs

John Dies at the End” and it’s sequel “This Book is Full of Spiders” by David Wong have some really classic moments.

People don’t often get into horror comedy books. And this was my first foray into them. And other people that dable in the genre ask me “did you really laugh out loud while reading This Book is Full of Spiders?” That book was markedly darker and less deliberately comic than the first book I agry. Still, I enjoyed it, but am struggling to come up with a moment that I would qualify as even mildly hysterical. Unlike the first book that had a lot of moments like that.

I think at the beginning when David said “and if you do know me from the first book, then FUCK YOU!” also I think there was a time when John said his dick was so big it would take 2 days to see it, or something like that. So yeah profanity and dick jokes make me laugh. It was defiantly darker and I actually liked it better than the first one but you’re right, it was not as funny.

On top of that I spit my drink out near the end when he talked to Falconer for the last time and he was telling David not to make him look silly.

Other Books that Made Me Laugh

  • Wodehouse – many of Wodehouse’s novels in the Jeeves and Wooster series and the Blandings Castle series made me laugh out loud.
  • Terry Pratchett – again, many of Terry Pratchett’s books as well. I’m hesitant to provide specific titles in the case of both these authors because there are a lot of good books here, but tastes will differ as to which are the funniest.
  • Will Cuppy’s The decline and fall of practically everybody is another book that springs to mind.
  • Bill Bryson’s Neither here Nor there: Travels in Europe I found very funny. (Perhaps an American might like a few of his other travel books better, e.g. The Lost Continent, but I didn’t find that one all that funny).
  • Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide.
  • Calvino’s If on a winter’s night…
  • Mark Twain’s The Innocents Abroad.

Parents Don’t Lie To Your Kids

Honesty is important to kids, it means that they can trust you. If you are a sorry no good liar then they can’t trust you.

Only time my parents choose to resort to a lie was was when they told me how my/our dog died.

She had been sick and was in a lot of pain. They as loving people did the only thing that could be done for her. They got her put down, but told me that she going to have surgery, that it was a risk and that she might never wake back up from it since she was so sick.

I know a lot of people immediately think of things like this when they think country fold put down dogs but it wasn’t like that at all.

Got it off munchichi

At the time I know I wouldn’t have understood.

For a kid it is hard to understand why we would ever willing kill our dog. After all we loved her so much. I also know that I would have been angry about the whole thing.

In the end it helped me, it gave me a means to learn how to cope with death. It also helped me since I didn’t have to deal with any resentment towards them. If I would have associated them with taking my dog away, my beloved pet without even asking. Hum.

Once I was older and could understand they sat me down and told me the truth. I believe that I was around ten. The same thing happened again. We were faced with the same decision again and they wanted to tell me so that I’d be able to deal with the situation differently this time.

My New Fire Pit

The idea of living without a fire pit is really hard to imagine. I just couldn’t do it I think. I love cooking outside and I love sitting around the pit and just relaxing. There is something primal about it.

Now I find myself in an interesting situation.

I have need of both an outdoor fire-pit and a charcoal/wood-burning grill at my new home. I have come across the Cowboy Cauldron “Urban Cowboy” as a potential solution to both issues. Since space is a consideration that I have now.

Why I’m Interested

While the build quality seems solid, the asking price is high ($1,750 shipped is a downside but an upside for quality).

These product’s are sturdy, attractive design, it being elevated above the ground as to not scorch patio/grass, and its versatility (portability, ability to cook in the vessel) all appeal to me.

I have looked into sourcing the elements to this product individually: a cast iron pot, a tripod, and a cooking grate. Similarly sized cast iron pots I have found run over $450 shipped, most campfire tripods I have found seem flimsy in comparison, and I am concerned that whatever cooking grate I am able to find would not be a good fit for the basin/pot.

Now I need to answer these question before I make the investment.

  1. Does this product represent good value?
  2. Am I better off purchasing individual elements/having a local metal shop build some of them for me?
  3. Am I too much a cowgirl for my own good for even considering this solution?

One Movie I’d Rather Not Watch The First Time

When I was growing up there was this comic strip about an organge tabby cat. I loved it. Then a movie about said cat came out. Garfield: The Movie. I Should have known better, I really should have.

Not only because it was face-wrenchingly awful, but also because I was giving in to a childhood memory that I knew would disappoint me.

Garfield: The Movie taught me that you can actually regret an afternoon at the movies because what you saw was so dreadful.

While this was not a surprise it was the most shocking example.

For that reason, because it shattered my unconditional joy at going to the movies, I hate it. I hate it so much.

Learned Young About Boots

I learned at a young age to take care of your feet, and that meant that you had to have the right boots on your feet. I love all types of boots, and cowboy boots are great, but not always practical for all types of work.

My father worked 23+ years in the construction business.

This is as much his story as it is mine.

When he first started work in construction his foreman looked at his feet and said: “Word to the wise, when you get your first paycheck you should ditch those boots, get yourself a pair of Red Wings. I know that they are expensive, but son you’ll thank me.”

At first he hesitated, they were a big chunk of money and he was raising a family so he couldn’t justify buying the boots. It went like that for a couple of years, he went through a lot of boots during that time.

Then he looked at what he had spent, and realized he had gone through three pairs of Rew Wings during those years.

After that he wore nothing but Red Wing workboots for the next 20 years.

Normally he’d keep 2 pairs, he didn’t need more

One of the pairs was insulated for winter work. The other pair was for the rest of the year.

He was on his feet all day every day.

The only part that got worn down was the sole. And on average, I think that he said that he would have them resoled every other year, and replace them after four or five years.

I took his advice when I needed a pair of boots and I can say that they are a good boot. But in recent years we have noticed a couple of problems that keep coming up. One of them was inconsistent sizing, but we also had some weird quality issues, and their world class waterproofing just didn’t hold up any more. I also had some seams that would blow out.

Really just all sorts of things.

I could always take them back, I know, but I generally never return boots that I have gotten broken in.

My dad now only wears boots by Allegiance Footwear.

They are a small, family-owned and operated company located in the mountains of Tennessee.

For what it is worth they sell simple handmade, solid, workboots that are comfortable even straight out of the box. They also look good, and like the Red Wings of old can truly take a beating.

My last pair cost $120.

It’s a little more if you do a custom order or need steel toes or something. But in general the price is in my budget for a quality work boot.

Horses Are Gentle Creatures

A horse is a gentle, thoughtful creature that is prone to flight if the rider isn’t calm assertive and in control.

The reason is simple, they are heard animals and they have a very strong flight instinct if the heard so decides.

I’m sorry but most of the explanations on here or partially or completely wrong. I am a vet student focused on equine medicine and was just recently discussing this with one of my professors who is a renowned equine surgeon and has cut open more horses than most people have ever seen.

There are several reasons:

  • Horses are pretty weird anatomically – they have no muscles below the knee. Part of their ability to run super fast is this really incredible tendon/ligament system – muscles higher on the body load the tendons and ligaments with huge amounts of power (picture a spring). Because of this, the bones in their lower leg (which is almost always where they break) are relatively very thin but also generating massive power. This ratio is much more extreme in the horse than other animals, so it means that solving it with a few pins like you might in other animals won’t do the trick. In addition, this massive power makes it more likely that the horse will basically shatter the bone rather than just a simple break or fracture . Also, they’re just really big.
  • If the horse can’t move his legs around, he can’t circulate blood through properly and it somewhat pools in the hoof and the attachments of the hoof to the bottom of the leg weaken. Compare this to a human or dog, where we can wiggle our toes and whatnot to help move circulation through – remember, horses have no muscles below the knee.
  • Trying to keep a horse from moving around for any extended period of time is a nightmare. There’s a saying I heard that all horses have two goals in life: homicide and suicide. They will colic and die if a bird looks at them wrong. In addition to the possibility of foundering, a horse is pretty likely to just lose his marbles if you try to keep them sedentary for too long – they may try to climb out of their stall, break whatever apparatus they’re in, colic (severe and sometimes fatal stomach ache), get ulcers and whatever else. You can’t force them to lay on their side for very long at all – they’re too heavy and will have difficulty breathing and damage nerves.

When deciding whether or not to save an animal, quality of life must always be considered. A dog may do perfectly well and have a wonderful life in a cast for a while and then with a moderate limp – this is not true for horses. Further, cost can be very prohibitive; it’s worth it for very very expensive horses (think Barbaro) but for your average pleasure horse, the cost and pain is just not worth it or generally feasible.

Something Every Cowgirl Needs

Advice, get a gift certificate to Cavanders or somewhere that sells cowgirl boots near you. Then, take her with you to try them on/pick them out. Boots are all very particular. You could try on 3 or 4 different pairs all in the same style and brand, and have them fit differently, even though they’re all the same size. I still haven’t found a pair that fits properly.

Rods Western is also good, their website is just they’ve got a ton of stuff and quite a few pairs at or under $100.

Most of my wardrobe looks like average clothes though. I don’t think I need to dress like I am taking part in a rodeo for people to understand that I am country.

In fact most things can be placed in one of these categories:

  • Tight jeans
  • Yoga pants
  • Cardigan sweaters
  • Baseball cap with a ponytail through the back
  • Blazer with white undershirt and jeans
  • Knee length dresses
  • Halter top and jeans
  • Boy shorts

I Do It For The Love Of The Craft

DIY is a poor method for saving money which is why I do it for the love of the craft rather than the monetary aspect.

Also time in one constraint that we all have to work with.

If you try for the monetary saving you will find yourself in a tricky situation because it’s just really hard to actually build something cheaper.

Economies of scale allow shops to buy materials at far cheaper wholesale prices. Automated machinery combined with overseas labor makes the costs of labor fairly low, and a sufficiently competitive market drives down the margin.

Buying the item will almost always be cheaper than buying the materials and making it yourself even though the quality may be lower though.

For people that want it to last forever this might be worth it, but for the majority of people out there they won’t use half the stuff they buy this year next year.

When you buy a pair of boots that are expect to last for life, it only refers to the upper portion. If you want to mix the two, consider buying a high-quality product and maintaining it. With boots the sole will need to be replaced but how often it needs it depends on how much you wear them.

I’ve seen them last a few years or a few months.

The upper portion will just need regular cleaning and conditioning, which you can do yourself in about 10 minutes with like $20 worth of supplies (that will last a long time).

This is turly taking care of your belongings and this is the case with anything that is of good quality.

I was taught to live by the rule that you don’t skimp on stuff that separates you from the ground. I buy the best shoes, tires, chairs, and mattresses I can afford.

It is a simple rule, but one that has served me well.

So leather work is a pretty expensive hobby/job. Most people including myself start with small easy projects that don’t require many tools, and gradually add more tools as needed. I’d estimate all the tools necessary to build a pair of boots would run at the bare minimum, $200-300 (or possibly more) not including the Landis 5 in 1 which could easily be upwards of $750.

Leather on top of that would initially be a couple hundred but that would last several pair.

Aside from amateurish boots I mostly build horse tack, gear and do some saddle repair.