The idea of living without a fire pit is really hard to imagine. I just couldn’t do it I think. I love cooking outside and I love sitting around the pit and just relaxing. There is something primal about it.

Now I find myself in an interesting situation.

I have need of both an outdoor fire-pit and a charcoal/wood-burning grill at my new home. I have come across the Cowboy Cauldron “Urban Cowboy” as a potential solution to both issues. Since space is a consideration that I have now.

Why I’m Interested

While the build quality seems solid, the asking price is high ($1,750 shipped is a downside but an upside for quality).

These product’s are sturdy, attractive design, it being elevated above the ground as to not scorch patio/grass, and its versatility (portability, ability to cook in the vessel) all appeal to me.

I have looked into sourcing the elements to this product individually: a cast iron pot, a tripod, and a cooking grate. Similarly sized cast iron pots I have found run over $450 shipped, most campfire tripods I have found seem flimsy in comparison, and I am concerned that whatever cooking grate I am able to find would not be a good fit for the basin/pot.

Now I need to answer these question before I make the investment.

  1. Does this product represent good value?
  2. Am I better off purchasing individual elements/having a local metal shop build some of them for me?
  3. Am I too much a cowgirl for my own good for even considering this solution?