Honesty is important to kids, it means that they can trust you. If you are a sorry no good liar then they can’t trust you.

Only time my parents choose to resort to a lie was was when they told me how my/our dog died.

She had been sick and was in a lot of pain. They as loving people did the only thing that could be done for her. They got her put down, but told me that she going to have surgery, that it was a risk and that she might never wake back up from it since she was so sick.

I know a lot of people immediately think of things like this when they think country fold put down dogs but it wasn’t like that at all.

Got it off munchichi

At the time I know I wouldn’t have understood.

For a kid it is hard to understand why we would ever willing kill our dog. After all we loved her so much. I also know that I would have been angry about the whole thing.

In the end it helped me, it gave me a means to learn how to cope with death. It also helped me since I didn’t have to deal with any resentment towards them. If I would have associated them with taking my dog away, my beloved pet without even asking. Hum.

Once I was older and could understand they sat me down and told me the truth. I believe that I was around ten. The same thing happened again. We were faced with the same decision again and they wanted to tell me so that I’d be able to deal with the situation differently this time.