I learned at a young age to take care of your feet, and that meant that you had to have the right boots on your feet. I love all types of boots, and cowboy boots are great, but not always practical for all types of work.

My father worked 23+ years in the construction business.

This is as much his story as it is mine.

When he first started work in construction his foreman looked at his feet and said: “Word to the wise, when you get your first paycheck you should ditch those boots, get yourself a pair of Red Wings. I know that they are expensive, but son you’ll thank me.”

At first he hesitated, they were a big chunk of money and he was raising a family so he couldn’t justify buying the boots. It went like that for a couple of years, he went through a lot of boots during that time.

Then he looked at what he had spent, and realized he had gone through three pairs of Rew Wings during those years.

After that he wore nothing but Red Wing workboots for the next 20 years.

Normally he’d keep 2 pairs, he didn’t need more

One of the pairs was insulated for winter work. The other pair was for the rest of the year.

He was on his feet all day every day.

The only part that got worn down was the sole. And on average, I think that he said that he would have them resoled every other year, and replace them after four or five years.

I took his advice when I needed a pair of boots and I can say that they are a good boot. But in recent years we have noticed a couple of problems that keep coming up. One of them was inconsistent sizing, but we also had some weird quality issues, and their world class waterproofing just didn’t hold up any more. I also had some seams that would blow out.

Really just all sorts of things.

I could always take them back, I know, but I generally never return boots that I have gotten broken in.

My dad now only wears boots by Allegiance Footwear.

They are a small, family-owned and operated company located in the mountains of Tennessee.

For what it is worth they sell simple handmade, solid, workboots that are comfortable even straight out of the box. They also look good, and like the Red Wings of old can truly take a beating.

My last pair cost $120.

It’s a little more if you do a custom order or need steel toes or something. But in general the price is in my budget for a quality work boot.