The Prerequisites To Cowgirl Fashion

It depends on the girl, really.

First and foremost feminine clothing is a prerequisite, but on a binary scale rather than a continuum.

A woman wearing something that is distinctly femininely cut will be more attractive, than one wearing something that is neutral or distinctly unfeminine and cut for a man e.g. baggy clothing or distinctly men’s clothes.

Though a little clarification is called for her. If two women are wearing feminine clothes the more feminine looking one isn’t necessarily going to look better.

It is important to understand when it comes to particular attractive outfits, I think the female version of the man in a suit is the woman in the black dress with nice heels or boots, with a minor emphasis on accessories and makeup to high light it.

I’m also quite partial to opaque or interestingly patterned leggings, but that’s getting more specific to your own tastes.

For more casual wear in the summer a nice sundress is hard to beat.

But when the weather gets cooler tight low cut jeans tucked into stylish boots tends to look best. You can really combine this with any feminine top. But for the best effects the top should highlight your assets like your waist, hips, bust, or neck.

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